Refrigeration Dryers

HHDp Series

Refrigeration Dryers HHDp Series

Energy saving dryer with Energie Management Monitor EMM™ for flow rates from 380 up to 10,800 m3h

Benefits and Features

  • Energy saving ColdWaveTM system
  • Energie Management Monitor emm™
  • Corrosion-free air circuit, made of copper and stainless steel
  • Powder-coated housing
  • Made in Germany

How it works

This advanced 24 volt electronic control unit has a number of user-friendly displays which can save energy, automate service intervals, display information in ten languages and add functionality

  • Energy-saving “schedule mode” allows compressed air users with one or two-shift operations to schedule the dryer to turn on and off in accordance with their work schedule
  • Automatic service intervals can be set for preventative maintenance schedules to ensure that the condenser on air-cooled units is kept dust free, as well as to advise the replacement of both the standard HF Series Grade 9 Separator/Filter element and the optional HF Series Grade 5 cold coalescing, oil removal filter every 12 months
  • Operator interface with read-outs in ten languages as standard: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Finnish. Read-outs include the current time, operating status (e.g. manual or schedule running modes), hours to service and total operating hours.
  • Functions include a push-to-test button for the condensate drain, power-on and compressor-on lights, an operator alert light to indicate a required service or a fault with the refrigeration system/drain, and a dew point temperature indicator
  • Remote monitoring of the emm ̨ from your computer via the RS-232 interface
  • Standard NO and NC voltage-free alarm contacts
  • Fault condition diagnostics with user-friendly text display.
  • X-DRAIN® Series electronic level-controlled condensate drain

Hankison Coldwave™ Heat-Exchange Technogoly

Hankison heat exchangers feature an industry-leading design with large flat surfaces to keep pressure differences to a minimum. Dirt, rust and scale are unable to become trapped and are swept through these heat exchangers by the compressed air. Unlike many competitive designs, these do not require pre-filtration, which reduces capital, installation and operating costs. The heat exchangers used are crafted from premium grade 316SS stainless steel and feature large and smooth sinusoidal air channels that provide a low pressure drop, unparalleled performance and superior reliability