Refrigeration Dryers

HDS Series

Refrigeration Dryers HDS Series

For flow rates from 950 – 10,800 m3/h

Benefits and Features

  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Stainless steel heat-exchanger technology
  • Revolutionary digital scroll energy management (option)
  • Constant dew point
  • Highly efficient demister technology
  • Made in Germany

Energy-saving Coldwave™ technology

The Hankison energy-saving series is one of the world’s most commonly installed series of refrigerated compressed air dryers for plants with varying levels of air demands. The Hankison technology platforms of precision design, engineered heat exchangers, quality filtration, and energy-efficient digital evaporator refrigeration technology represent the best value solution available for variable heavy-duty air demand profiles.

Digital evaporator technology

The HDS Series features groundbreaking technologies for the refrigerated compressed air dryer industry. The digital evaporator continues the Hankison tradition of stable dew point control while providing tremendous energy savings, which results in lower operating costs. Unlike most other products available in the industry, the HDS Series, with proprietary digital evaporator technology, offers clear energy saving advantages over traditional cycling and variable speed designs.

Rapid return on investment

The HDS Series is designed to provide a rapid return on investment by 

  • Reducing the dryer’s energy consumption down to 9% (91% savings) at 0% load
  • Precise matching of average air flow (heat load) with the required input kW power...No More...No Less
  • Maintaining stable Class 4 and Class 5 dew points with no dew point spikes which send water downstream and cause high maintenance and downtime costs

The HDS refrigeration system

Digital evaporator technology controls the actions of the three core components in the refrigeration system: digital evaporator, digital control board, digital scroll refrigeration compressor, providing true load-matching energy savings..