Desiccant Dryers

HMW series

HMW series

For flow rates from 254 – 4,280 m3/h

Benefits and Features

  • Internal-heat regeneration system
  • Economical regeneration process
  • Long life of the heater elements and desiccant
  • Energy saving with dew point control (optional)
  • Mechanically stable, low-dusting desiccant

How it works

HMW series desiccant dryers use electrical heaters inside of the desiccant bed for regeneration of the saturated desiccant. The direct contact of the finned heater tubes with the desiccant bed makes most efficient use of the regeneration energy.

A small part of the compressed air flow of only 2.2% removes the moisture and cools down the desiccant. No ambient pollution or moisture affects the regeneration process. A parallel drying phase during cycle change-over eliminates any temperature or dew point fluctuation. With the optional Energy Management System device EMS, the standard drying time per receiver of 4 hours can be prolonged to a maximum of 20 hours, resulting in energy savings of up to 80%.

Energy management system (EMS) for heatless desiccant dryers

Desiccant Dryers have to cope with different operating conditions and are therefore selected for the most adverse conditions. According to ISO 7183, the standard operating conditions are: working temperature 35°C and operating pressure 7 bar gauge.

A higher temperature or a lower operating pressure requires a higher adsorption and re- generation capacity. On the other side, during phases of reduced operation (at night, during weekends or under winter conditions), where the maximum adsorption per- formance is not required, the regeneration performance should continually adapt to the changing conditions..