Desiccant Dryers

HDB series

HDB series

For flow rates from 710 – 13,550 m3/h

Benefits and Features

  • External-heat regeneration system
  • No loss of compressed air for regeneration or cooling
  • Pressure drop lower than 0.1 bar at full capacity
  • Sophisticated PLC control and communication unit
  • Parallel drying phase for steady dew point performance
  • Low maintenance and long-life desiccant

Design specifications

  • Fully-automatic and continuous cycle control
  • Steel support frame with foundation holes
  • Pressure vessels according to various industrial designs, codes and regulations
  • „Heavy-duty“ blower system
  • Easy-access to the heating system and the single-replaceable elements
  • Control box with IP54 rating
  • Temperature and pressure indicators on both vessels
  • Compressor Start-Stop function linked into drying cycle
  • Dew point-controlled cycle with indication and dew point setting
  • PLC (Siemens S-series) controls offering:
    • Fully automatic cycle
    • Alarm indication for all important dryer functions
    • Memory of alarm history
    • Fast-run cycle test
    • Display of required service intervals
    • Communication port to remote systems (optional)
  • Thermal insulation of all hot parts
  • Top-to-bottom flow direction avoiding fluidisation of adsorbent bed
  • Epoxy painting RAL 5015
  • All butterfly valves for lowest pressure drop

Available options according to customer specifications

  • Installed filtration package
  • By-pass over complete dryer
  • Different PLC types
  • Outdoor installation
  • Pressure dew point -70°C
  • Steam regeneration system
  • Other options available on request

How it works

This heat-regenerated Desiccant Dryer is the most commonly used in medium-sized to big-sized compressed air installations (from 350 to 13,000 m3/h). As opposed to the internally-heated dryers, the heaters used for regeneration are easy to control, simple to service and they can optionally be combined with steam heating.

In these dryers, the flow during the drying and during the regeneration are both from top to bottom. This principle offers the following advantages:

  • An optimal utilisation of the regeneration energy and heat of adsorption
  • No dewpoints peaks during changeover
  • Protection against appearance of liquid water
  • No loss of compressed air for the cooling process
  • Protection of the desiccant at starting of the compressor and from pressure and flow fluctuations.

HDB dryers do not make use of any compressed air and have a maximal pressure drop of 0.1 bar. This drying principle also offers the possibility of an Energy Management System with ample technical and economical advantages. A special option is the “closed-loop” cooling, which makes it possible to use the dryer with high ambient temperature or when a pressure dewpoint of -70°C is required. Also under such conditions, no compressed air is used for regeneration or cooling. The DB series dryers are simple to operate and are equipped with a display showing current information and historical operating data. Extra communication modules for connection with higher-level process control systems are also available.