Desiccant Dryers

Heatless regenerating desiccant dryers

Heatless regeneration

  • DKC – compact, suitable for wall mounting
  • HHL – standard
heat regenerating desiccant dryers

Heat regeneration

  • HMW – internal-heat regeneration
  • DB – external-heat regeneration

Special Applications

  • HBD – Dryer Combination HybriDryer®
  • AK – Activated carbon filtering

    Desiccant Dryers

    Desiccant Dryers are used wherever compressed air or gas needs to be dried to a pressure dew point of -20°, -40° C or, optionally, -70° C. In addition to the specific application, the size of the Desiccant Dryer is primarily determined by the medium, flow rate, operating pressure, inlet temperature and the required pressure dew point.

    Hankison desiccant dryers are suitable for flow rates from 9 m3/h to 13,000 m3/h.